Artist in Residence Program


This programme provides artists the time, space and professional support to develop their work and explore new creative ideas. The mission of the scheme is to foster a sense of creative community locally, creating dialogue and interest around the artist’s work, while encouraging community engagement. Residents are mentored by professionals in order to nurture experimentation, exploration and creative development.


Studio Facilities

Artist-in-residence program offers studio facilities throughout the residency period. There are 8 artist studios catered to different creative mediums. The studio spaces are shared between 2-3 artists, encouraging the exchange of ideas and creativity.

All art studios are equipped with basic facilities. All tools and equipment are provided by the artists.

Travel and Accommodation

Residents are expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Fine Arts Centre will provide an accommodation list, if needed.

Financial Support

Currently, financial support is not available for the artist-in-residence programme. Funding may be secured through external grants and sponsorships.


The programme is a project-based residency available for a period of 3-6 months.

While developing their own work, the centre encourages residents to actively participate in relevant programmes at the Centre. Residents will also be asked to conduct community and educational activities.

An ‘Open House’ will be held every month during the residency to further community engagement.

Artists will be expected to:

Occupy the studio spaces regularly and productively, for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Develop and deliver bi-weekly workshops relevant to their residency project or creative practice.

Develop and deliver talks or discussions relevant to their residency project or creative practice.

Produce artwork for an end-of-residency exhibition at Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre.

Participate in the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre Open House and studio events.

Donate one piece of artwork from the residency to be included in our art collection.


Artists can apply through a year-round application process, with no deadline. Residents will propose a project, which will then be researched and developed during the residency. Works generated during the residency will be showcased in an end-of-residency exhibition.

We invite applications from local, regional and international artists. A committee, made up of top experts in the field, will select the artists through a round of interviews. Selections are based solely on the application submitted.

Artists will be selected based on:

A fully completed application form

A proposed project that is innovative and offers a significant impact on the Kuwaiti art community

A project that promotes the importance of creative and critical thinking

The submission of a comprehensive project proposal.