Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre hosted the launch of KAF - KUWAIT ARTS FORUM, an annual event dedicated to highlighting central themes in visual arts today internationally, as well as to fostering debate and dialogue on arts and culture across the Gulf Region.


Curated by Dutch author and artist Eric Broug, the 2020 KUWAIT ARTS FORUM focused on Innovation in Contemporary Islamic Arts and Design. The 3-day forum featured 8 talks, 1 keynote, 2 roundtables, and 6 workshops led by artists, designers, media creators and art professionals from Kuwait, the UAE, Syria, Egypt, Italy, Andorra, the Netherlands, Canada and the UK.


KUWAIT ARTS FORUM 2020 shed light on the role of innovation in Islamic arts and design as they exist now in the twenty-first century. Invited speakers and artists explained how Islamic art influenced their work, and how they build on its rich visual heritage.


Artists from around the globe united to reflect on the role of innovation in contemporary Islamic arts and design. The local and international artists and speakers included Eric Broug, Jassim Al-Nasrallah, Mahmoud Tammam, Jassim Meraj, Teakster, Asrae Yazdani, Mohammad Sharaf, Claudio Cravero, Yaman Al Baker, Ahmed Keshta, Ahmed Al Holi, Meshari Al Najjar, Abdullah Al Otaibi, Husain Al Banay, Roch Michel and Alia Farid.


Kuwait Arts Forum Programme 2020