Artist in Residence


The programme provides Kuwait-based artists with professional space to develop their research and creative practice, and explore new ideas. Our mission is to foster a local community, promoting dialogue and interest around the resident artist’s work through workshops and talks while encouraging public engagement, networking and artists’ mobility. Studio facilities are offered throughout the three-month residency period aimed at completing a project-based proposal. The studios are designed to be shared between 2-3 artists and are equipped to work on a multidisciplinary level across different media such as photography, video-making, sculpture, crafting, digital art, painting & drawing. Additionally, a cutting-edge Theatre is tailored to host and support performing arts, such as music and acting.

Artists will be expected to:

  • Occupy the studio for a minimum of 15 hours per week;
  • Produce artwork to be showcased at the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre or performance events to be staged in the Theatre;
  • Develop and deliver multiple workshops and talks relevant to their residency project and artistic research;
  • Participate in the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Open Studio Night and collateral events;
  • Grant the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre one artwork or documented performance produced during their residency which will be part of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre’s core collection

Application and Selection Process:

  • Applications are accepted through an Open call for submissions, which is announced on the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre website and via its social media channels
  • Applicants must be Kuwait-based
  • One-on-one interviews with shortlisted candidates are scheduled to evaluate their proposals and commitment to the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre public programmes