Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Main Gallery

Hosting exhibits at a grand scale, main gallery area includes artworks by local and international artists that can take up from four to six annual museum-level curated art exhibits. It will also host art-related events and festivals, consisting of a small auditorium for talks and conferences at the basement level which will host an annual programme of talks, conversations and conferences hosting artists, art professionals and academics.

Training and Exhibition Spaces

This floor is comprised of six individual small exhibition spaces, almost all uniformly sized with a large glass window overlooking the Ground Floor Gallery..

At the Fine Arts Building, Training and Exhibition Spaces host a series of workshops, featuring small professionally-curated exhibitions.  Arts workshops for school students and adults are to be held at a glass-walled corner on the first floor.


Serving as a point of intersection of all comprised museums at Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, our library aims at educating and entertaining the youngest generation.

Activities will include storytelling, workshops and creative activities for our younger visitors and their families.

Creativity Corner

Located on the first floor, The Corner serves as a mean to put talents from local creative industries under spotlight.

At the corner, local audience will be educated and highly engaged in these creative fields, exploring processes, material and concepts as well.

 The programme will range from exhibited items on display, to interactive and participatory installations and activities, along with specifically-curated workshops and events. ASCC team will develop and deliver Project Space-related programmes on a monthly basis.

Artist Dewanya

At a traditionally-based Kuwaiti Majlis atmosphere, Artist Dewanya is a space for gifted artists, welcoming the public to meet and tackle creative ideas. Artist Dewanya hosts artist talks from the residency programme, as well as public readings.